The 1st international conference was held in Croatia for the suspension of Agenda 2030 ‘UNITED FOR MAN’

Last weekend from August 19.-21. 2022, a meeting called “First International Conference in Croatia for the suspension of Agenda 2030 “UNITED FOR MAN” took place. The gathering was held in the pastoral center of the parish of St. Joseph in Lički Osik and was a closed event that could only be attended via invitation.

The goal of this conference: “comes from our firm belief that under the cloak of general, euphemistically and idealistically proclaimed goals of Agenda 2030, completely different goals are hidden – the total digitalization of society and transhumanism, and the establishment of an unelected and non-transparent, centralized, totalitarian and tyrannical “one world government” under the strict control of supranational organizations and large corporations. The goals of the Agenda are not for the benefit of man, nor do they have the goal of creating a harmonious and humane world created by man and for man, but rather the contrary. They have the purpose of nullifying the dignity of man and the inviolability of his physical and psychological integrity. We already know that the holders of Agenda 2030 do not shy away from trampling and limiting fundamental human rights, censorship and the use of other totalitarian, undemocratic and inhumane methods” – said the organizing committee of the association “Slobodni ZAjedno”.

The conference was attended by numerous scientists, doctors, theologians, professors, associates, initiatives, unions, prominent activists and independent media distributed in several thematic round tables and as independent lecturers.
Friday, August 19, was dedicated to independent media, where a round table was held under the title “Independent media – how to get around dogmatic censorship?” with the aim of closely connecting independent media with each other, as well as scientists and organizations that share common values.

On Saturday, August 20, a series of thematic round tables was held, which were divided into 5 panels:

Panel 1. “The compulsion of equality – the utopia of equality”.
Marija Divić, MD,
Prof.Dr.Sc.don Josip Mužić,
Prim. Josipa Rodić, MD.
Ph.D. Ivana Pavić MD.

Panel 2. ‘Human health and well-being under the cloak of a pandemic’
Academician Krešimir Pavelić,
Ph.D. Ivana Pavić MD, MD,
Croatian academic Srećko Sladoljev,
Anita Šupe, univ.bacc.nutr.

Panel 3. ‘Quality education – a prerequisite for survival and the future of man’
Nada Jurinčić, MD, PhD,
Prof. Sandra Kraljević Pavelić, Ph.D.
Prof. Deniza Marasović, speech therapist,
Prof.Ph.D.Sc. Ružica Razum

Panel 4. “Cooperation for justice and peace”
prof. Ivana Đirlić-Šindija,
Prof. Ph.D.Sc. Josip Jurčević
Lidija Gajski, MD,
Prof.Sc. Ivan Poljaković

Panel 5. ‘Climate, energy and technology in relation to man of the 21st century – Are there too many of us on the planet?’
MSc. Ankica Kosovec Krželj,
Prof.Dr.Sc. Stipe Kutleša,
Ph.D. Hrvoje Pende,
Darko Rakić, B.Sc.Ing.

Mario Knezović, Dr. Slavica Aranđelović,
Academician Semir Osmanagić, Dr. Biserka Ilin, and journalist Velimir Ponoš and Ph.D. Melita Milenković, M.Sc addressed the participants via video call. Among the list of international guests, the organizers invited to Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Vigan, however, due to urgent official duties and tasks, they were unable to attend.

On Sunday, a series of thematic workshops were held in groups, and the end of the meeting was concluded with a joint declaration, which will be published in the coming days, including video recordings from the aforementioned lectures.

“We are in a time in which we are witnessing the systematic collapse of human dignity in all its dimensions. Sacrificing the individual, his natural right and freedom, and society as a whole are not a good model for the survival of anything, let alone man as a free-thinking, spiritual and material being.
This leads to the conclusion that one person has greater natural rights compared to another, which is nowhere near the truth. We feel the duty and the need to react and contribute to pointing out the long-term harmful consequences of bad policies, decisions and omissions of individuals in positions of power, which now and in the future can badly effect human equality,”
Tina Perić, president of the “Slobodni Zajedno” association, told us.