Victims are left alone without help

Victims are left alone without help

We bring you the show “Zur Sache” that was broadcasted in May 2023. on the German SWR mainstream television. The topic of the show was “Are the injured left alone without help after the vaccination against COVID”. The guests in the studio were a young woman Tamara, 28 years old, who was badly injured after vaccination, and who has 100% disability, and Thomas Mertens, the president of the German Permanent Commission for Vaccination (STIKO).

There was also a clip in which vaccine victims testify that their health is severely damaged and that the state and state institutions reject them and do not want to help them. Apparently, statements which we have heard so many times, about solidarity and responsibility are no longer valid. The victims are left alone without help and depend on the help of their family members.

Watching the guests in the studio and what they were saying, the difference between the dreary reality of the vaccine-damaged young woman and the imaginary reality in which Mr. Mertens lives, who continues to insist that the connection between side effects and vaccines, has not been proven, is clearly visible.

They did what the state asked of them, and now they are left alone without help.